Brigitte Beausoleil

Brigitte Beausoleil


Name: Brigitte Beausoleil
Sex: Female
Age: 38
Family: Divorced, 2 kids (8 and 10 y/o boys)
SAT employee: Yes
Current city: Montréal
Education: BA in political sciences, MBA
Pets: one cat
Leisure: watching movies
Politics: center-left / left

In a couple of sentences, how would you describe yourself?
I’m the mother of two little monsters (who I love very much). The past two years have been kind of rough—my long time girlfriend left us. (Yes, I’m a lesbian.) I’m basically technologically challenged, but I love seeing what some of the artists at the SAT do with it.

What do you do in your spare time?
Mostly taking care of my boys: driving them to hockey games or practices, making sure they don’t set the house on fire, stuff like that… I used to read a lot.


For how many years have you been working at the SAT?
About 4 and a half years.

How would you describe what you usually do at the SAT?
I’m in charge of accounting, mostly. I see that the SAT has the money and resources it needs to keep running. Also, I recently started helping out our funding committee in finding funding for special projects. I used to only work with hard numbers, but more and more, I’m getting involved with the SAT’s strategy.

On any given day, what’s the proportion of the time you spend at your desk versus not at your desk?
I’d say I spend over three quarters of my time sitting at my desk and working on my computer. It used to be even more than that. But now, I’d say I go into between one and three meetings with potential collaborators every week. It’s been refreshing, albeit a little stressful.

With which person or group of people do you tend to interact with most at the SAT? (Please describe what these interactions usually consist of and/or how they go about.)
Mostly other staffers and current artists. Although recently I have being going into more and more ‘external’ meeting with potential collaborators.

On any given week at the SAT, what’s the most fun and fulfilling thing that you do?
Most people around here don’t care about numbers all that much (except maybe for the programmers). I know it’ll sound boring and dorky, but I just love it when all the numbers balance out—not to mention it’s essential.

Is there anything that annoys you?
Not really. Maybe just that I don’t feel like my work is so recognized among the more ‘creative’ people around the SAT.

How Nicolas perceives Brigitte

She’s a 9 to 5 workhorse—it’s incredible. She’s not super talkative, but very nice. I actually don’t know much about her. She’s always on the phone calling her kids.